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Employment Litigation

Through representing clients in business litigation, the firm’s attorneys have developed experience and expertise in defending employment-related issues including labor law issues. The firm has litigated wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, prevailing wage, minority and disabled contractor abuse allegations, wage and hour and overtime cases, computer fraud and abuse actions and administrative matters before local and regional labor boards. Through early investigation and thorough evaluation and pursuit of an aggressive defense, the attorneys at Noon & Associates have achieved successful results for local, regional and national businesses in employment litigation.




  • Defended sexual harassment claim with prompt interviews, social media investigation and statement under oath with dismissal for local nightclub for claimant with “party girl” background and bad attitude waitress worthy of termination.
  • Defended prevailing claim for national company before DLSE for statewide potential debarment.
  • Defended prevailing wage/whistleblower case in Palm Desert for national engineering company with false testing reports at state agency with memo to all California managers on change in prevailing wage implementation from assistant general counsel.
  • Defended claim in Denver by employee of national engineering company claiming disability with back injury who was former cliff diver and “cage of death” motorcycle carnival performer and transponder readings from company truck revealed detours all over town other than job sites.
  • Defended overtime claim by high process purity plumbing employees working at remote locations for higher wages while sleeping in company vans on the way on “en route theory.”
  • Defended leasing company on improper exemption characterization claim for overtime at labor board locally.
  • Defended leasing company in pregnancy wrongful termination claim.
  • Defended wrongful termination claim by employee of specialty manufacturer with misappropriation and related business torts claim.
  • Defended wage and hour claim of former assistant manager performing managerial duties at restaurant with evidence of management functions in restaurant documentation to defeat “predominant duties” claim.

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